viernes, 31 de mayo de 2013

AI, sounds, a new inventory and a Name

This week i finally introduced simple AIs, simple sound effects and a new inventory which is more pleasing to the eyes. Also, i decided to name this game "KeeYA: Keep Yourself Alive" (no relationship with Queen).


Javascript is a great language for AI programming. I've always loved it and the functional aspects of it make it dead easy to implement semi-emergent behaviors. I decided that to keep things easy, the heavy lifting will be implemented natively (native as "inside java") and expose API calls inside javascript to keep it snappy.


Sounds are very important to a game, so much that this little game has gotten more interesting and enjoyable. I decided to include a sound called Willhelm Scream because i did find about it this week and was amused by it. LibGDX has a quirky behavior with sounds, sometimes the gunfire sounds get muted by the death sounds.


The previous inventory was ugly and didn't have the style i want for the game. I decided to get rid of complicated UI elements and go along with a Skyrim-style inventory which is simpler to implement and has a cleaner look.
As comparision, here's the old inventory, suggested by +Olivio Sarikas
Ugly, indeed :-)

New name: KeeYA, Keep Yourself Alive

Because i included AIs with a simple firing pattern, i had to keep avoiding getting shot by them. My 6 y/o daughter loves to test my game and she was frustrated by the AI so i told her "keep yourself alive!!" and voila! a name was born.

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