martes, 16 de abril de 2013

Procedural story generation

I've been working lately on the procedural story generator, and i'm focusing right now on the scenario, not the one with props, bells and whistles, but the Point-Of-Interest scenarios and the NPCs. After coding a simple lexical generator, i've come up with a well balanced approach to the POIs and NPCs results. Check out this gist with a sample generation:

The lines starting with 'G>' are groups (possible associations of the NPCs that will drive their desires and the possible quests they'll give you). There are some TODOs (like trying not to fill quarries with NPCs to the point that they look like a small town).

Also, the NPCs (and the player) will have relations and opinions around the different groups inside the game, going from simpatizing to being a radical oppositor to a party or being an infiltrated leader of a church. Also, the opinion an NPC has about a certain group doesn't affect the relations with given group (creating cognitive dissonances in-game to spark the fire of controversy!).

Another interesting fact is that NPCs will have sexual orientations ranging an ample spectre of the real-life possibilities aside from the regular ones you see in every game out there (including homosexuality, fetishes, transgenderism, etc.)

All in all, it's looking good for now, gotta keep improving it for the time being.

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