jueves, 25 de abril de 2013

Testing some ideas

Making great games is hard. Making great games that people want to throw their money at it is insanely hard. That's why I'm going to develop a series of games to test some Action RPG ideas i have in mind before continuing with Wildlands. What are some of these ideas you ask:
  • Continuous experience system.
  • Gesture based attacks.
  • Group dynamics with warring and allied factions.
  • Global economics the player can affect (pillaging caravans to make a product scarcer and force an NPC have cold turkeys, razing farms, etc).
  • Complex relationships in between the NPCs and NPC-player.
  • Simple politics between major factions (towns, cults, etc), including espionage, sabotage, slandering, blackmailing and other dirty practices.
  • A lot of other minor ideas i'm gonna iron out later.
Here are some character and items sprites i'm going to use promptly on the first test game:
What do you think? is there any other idea you haven't seen in RPGs that you would like to see implemented?

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  1. very nice initiative. the idea that the sprites differ mainly in simple facial expressions is quite good.