viernes, 28 de junio de 2013

Alpha Funding on Google Play and Desura

Just published KeeYA's Alpha Funding app on Google Play. The app has got music added, and polished a little more the UI.

Now, why Alpha Funding you ask? It's really simple, i want KeeYA to be supported on a wide variety of platforms, and for that i need to have the aforementioned platforms with me. Currently, i'm targetting to get KeeYA on:

  • Windows (main development rig)
  • Linux (have one @ home)
  • Mac (need to buy a Mac mini)
  • Android (tested almost daily on my phone)
  • iPhone (need to buy an iPhone)
  • Windows 8 Phone (need to buy one)
  • PS Vita (have the SDK already and using the emulator, but the hardware is needed to test it)
  • Ouya (my console is en-route to my hands).

As you can see, there are some platforms that i must buy in order to develop for them, and they're down right expensive in my country, so i'm counting on the Internet to give me a hand here and push this little game with big aspirations to every possible platform out there.

Desura is still reviewing my publishing info (as of 2013-06-28 11:00:00 UTC), so still no alpha funding for Win/Mac/Linux.

Get it on Google Play

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