miércoles, 19 de junio de 2013

Got my OUYA email today!

Today, after a long long LONG wait, i've got my OUYA email!

It seems KeeYA is going to be ported to the OUYA too!

So, to anyone who preordered or kickstarted and hasn't got their confirmation email yet, here's what i did.
  1. Go to https://support.ouya.tv/home and click on the BIG orange button on the top right of the page with "SUBMIT A REQUEST" text.
  2. Submit your Order ID, tracking number or everything else you got when you pre-ordered or kickstarted.
  3. Tweet to @OUYASupport your ticket number and your current problem.
  4. Wait for your email, notifying you've got your OUYA incoming (if like me, you receive an email telling you to correct your address, go and do it now).
  5. Wait for goodness to appear on your front door.
That's it, they seem like a friendly bunch, don't be a douche and use their support channels.

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